Tax time home office essentials Tax time home office essentials

Tax time home office essentials

15th, June 2020

Now that many of us have been working remotely for some time we have started to build up impressive home offices, but with tax time coming up it could be the perfect opportunity to get any last-minute items to complete your home office experience and still claim them under this financial year. With this in mind, we have put together some helpful products that could complete your home office experience.


1. ChargeUp Pro 27K


When you're not in an office environment, you're still going to need to keep all your devices charged, but it can be challenging to always be connected to an outlet. This can be especially frustrating now that we have been given a bit more freedom to move around and work in different places. With tax time coming up it gives you the perfect excuse to find some freedom while you charge with our ChargeUp Pro 27K power bank. This power bank is easily powerful enough to charge your USB-C compatible laptop and can even charge up to 3 devices at once.


2. GoStick - Selfie stick & Tripod


Since you've been working remotely, you will have discovered that video calls are an essential part of the day, but if you didn't have a webcam already set up, you may have found this to be a frustrating process. Our GoStick can help make your future calls a breeze by transforming your phone into a portable free-standing webcam. Easily set up the GoStick tripod feature and attach your phone for hands-free video calls whenever you need them.


3. Flow USB-C & USB-A 57W charger


All your essential devices, even your power bank, are eventually going to need charging, and when you need to get the most out of your devices, fast charging can help. To take advantage of fast charging technology, you need two products. Firstly, you need a fast charging capable cable, such as any of our range of armoured cables, and secondly, you need a fast charging wall charger. Our Flow 57W wall charger provides fast and convenient charging for your USB-C and USB-A devices like your, USB-C MacBook, smartphone, iPad Pro and iPhone X, or any other device that charges via USB-C or USB-A cable.


4. Prime Wireless Charger


If you've been working from a desk, it can be helpful to minimise the clutter around you, and charging cables are often one of the biggest culprits. A simple way to solve this problem is to utilise your devices wireless charging capabilities. Our Prime wireless charger can tidy up your workspace by providing a place to charge your phone wirelessly, it can also be used as a wireless charging mat or at a wireless charging stand which can hold you phone at an accessible viewing angle.


5. ChargeUp Companion


Our ChargeUp Companion power bank can help keep your phone charged and stable no matter where you are. It is not only a wireless power bank but can also be converted into a stand that holds your phone either horizontally or vertically. The location of the charging input on most phones makes it very difficult to have it plugged in at a good angle at the same time, but with this power bank, you can easily keep your phone charged and upright wherever you are.


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Please note it is important to always check with the ATO or your tax advisor on what items can or can’t be used as tax deductions.



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