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27,000 mAh USB-C Laptop and Wireless Power Bank
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5,000mAh Wireless Power Bank


Wireless Power Banks

The 27,000 mAh USB-C Laptop and Wireless Power Bank from Cygnett is a versatile charging device with an impressive 72W (max) total output. It allows you to charge four devices simultaneously, and offers both wired and wireless charging options. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere with up to 16 hours of charging time specifically designed for USB-C laptops. With its high wattage output, this power bank provides efficient charging, ensuring your devices stay powered up. Explore Cygnett's selection of power banks today to meet all your connectivity needs.

Why You Need A Wireless Power Bank

A wireless power bank creates a seamless charging experience. Avoid the headache of cables and connectors with wireless charging. Simply place your device on the power bank’s surface, and charging begins automatically. With wireless power banks, you can be out all day and only need one charger to charge your other devices. This allows you to travel a bit lighter and can temporarily replace a wall charger if you’re in a foreign country without an adapter. 

Benefits Of Wireless Power Banks

The portability of a wireless power bank is convenient as it allows you to charge your devices from anywhere without needing cables. This makes packing your power bank easier while virtually eliminating any setup time. Wireless power banks also allow you to charge multiple devices, such as phones, tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches simultaneously in one convenient place. And the portable nature of wireless power banks promises on-the-go charging convenience.