Charging Cables

Charging Cables

Cygnett charging cables make it easy to live a digital lifestyle. Designed in Melbourne, our cables are built for modern priorities, combining fast-charging technology, durable construction and compatibility with a range of devices. You’ll find a complete selection of industry-standard connection types, including Lightning, USB-A, USB-C, Micro USB and Wireless Charging. Whether you’re charging a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or anything else, Cygnett charging cables let you live your digital life without limits.

iPhone & iPad Charging Cables

Cygnett iPad and iPhone charging cables offer Apple Lightning Cable technology. Our Lightning to USB-A cables offer safe and fast 2.4W/12A charging speeds for every device, from iPhone 5 onwards, iPad and iPad Pro. From the Armoured range, our Lightning to USB-C combines durable DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fibre construction with 30W charging speeds, letting you charge an iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes. You’ll also find a range of convenient cable lengths, from 10cm to 3m, giving you the flexibility to charge wherever and however you like.

Samsung & Android Charging Cables

For Samsung and Android devices, we offer a range of fast and durable USB charging cables. Android devices that require Micro USB connections can rely on the 2.4W/12A charging speeds of our Micro USB to USB-A cable, strengthened with a metallic alloy cable connector. Our USB-C to USB-C cables are able to reach world-record charging speeds of 5A/100W with USB 3.1 technology, as well as up to 10 Gbps data transfer speeds. Our full range of Android and Samsung charging cables includes USB-C to USB-A and 15W Wireless options.

Fast Charging Cables

We are committed to making seamless digital experiences, which is why we offer the latest in fast-charging technology. Our USB-C to USB-C cables let you charge your laptop, tablet or smartphone at speeds of up to 5A/100W with USB 3.1, while our USB-C to USB-A cables perform at 3A/60W. For wireless charging, our MagCharge Wireless Charger allows up to 15W speeds for compatible devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fast-charging cable?

Fast charging cables are able to offer speeds of at least 2.4A/12W. This refers to the power output of the cable, and the higher the rating, the faster the charging speeds. Modern cables are multifunctional and often utilise improvements in USB technology to allow for rapid data transfer speeds in addition to quick charging.

Can I use any cable for fast charging?

For the fastest charging speeds, look for the cable’s output, measure in amps (A) or watts (W). ‘Fast’ cables are typically those offering an output of at least 2.4A/12W, but the most streamlined modern cables can be 3A/60W or, as in the case of USB-C to USB-C technology, up to 5A/100W.

Does cable length affect charging speed?

Besides the output capacity of the cable, its physical properties can affect its potential charging speed. Both cable length and gauge (the thickness of the cable) can affect the speed at which a cable can charge a device, with longer and thinner cables both creating more resistance and thus slowing down the charging speed.