Micro-USB Cables

Buy Micro USB Cable for Fast and Efficient Charging

What devices have micro-USB interfaces? Many mobile or compact devices like GPS, cameras, MP3 players, and smartphones. These require a micro-USB charging cable between them and the charging ports.

If you would like to buy a micro-USB cable for your compact device, Cygnett has what you need. Cygnett is renowned for creating dependable, meticulously engineered products that are also affordably priced. So when you are looking for your next micro-USB charger cable for super-fast charging, look to Cygnett for products that will not let you down.

Why Our Micro USB Charging Cable is the Best Choice

Cygnett’s range of micro-USB charging cables are thoughtfully designed, well-engineered and rigorously tested. This is the process behind all our digital accessories. We know that our customers rely on connectivity for both work and pleasure, so we deliver quality you can count on.

As well as charging devices, the micro-USB cables can be used for providing direct data transfer capability. For instance, you can connect your compact digital camera with a Micro-USB to the USB-A port of a laptop to not only charge your camera, but to transfer and view your photos. You would do this using a Micro-USB to USB-A cable.

Discover the Range of Micro USB Charging Cables

You can browse through our extensive range of micro-USB charging cables to select the right length, colour, and styling to suit your personal preferences. Find the right cable for you of different lengths to offer you flexibility and convenience around your home and office. At Cygnett, we also provide other types of charging cables for your devices, including USB-C cables, lightning cables (used for Apple devices) and more.