Empowering Women

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People are at the heart of what we do. For over 20 years, we've made products for people to enhance their digital life, and are committed to empowering women to thrive outside their tech.

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Powering women on & off the court — Powering women on & off the court —

Cygnett Brand Ambassador

Lauren Jackson, one of Australia's most dominant basketball players, embodies the essence of female athletes and women's empowerment. She not only transformed the Opals to become a global contender but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for current and future generations of basketball stars.

"As a single mum, I wanted my boys to see me fit and healthy, to respect women's sport, and to witness how incredible we are. The respect they have for female athletes now and for women as they grow up will be at a whole different level."

— Lauren Jackson

Powering Women's Sport

For the past two seasons, Cygnett has proudly sponsored the Australian Opals and the WNBL. The Cygnett WNBL, a renowned women's basketball league globally, showcases premier sporting talent, including the iconic Olympian, WNBA, and WNBL legend, and Cygnett brand ambassador, Lauren Jackson. Together, Cygnett and Lauren Jackson have been instrumental in advancing elite women's sports promotion throughout Australia.

Cygnett Connected

We're contributing to a world where everyone has the ability and opportunity to thrive. By partnering with organisations, we're creating opportunities for people to thrive through consistent support. We know that there are many challenges that people can face over the course of their lives, and we want to play a role in removing inequalities, providing support, building resilience, and therefore creating the opportunity for people to thrive.

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Powering Legacy — Powering Legacy —
10,000 mAh Power Bank - Green
10,000 mAh Power Bank - Green - Cygnett (AU)