Adaptive Fast Charging: How It Works & The Best Chargers Adaptive Fast Charging: How It Works & The Best Chargers


Adaptive Fast Charging: How It Works & The Best Chargers

8th, August 2023

The moment you finally register the low battery warning on your device, you’re usually minutes, not hours, away from when you most need that device to work. It’s exactly in moments like these, you need adaptive fast charging.


Cygnett is a cutting-edge innovator in adaptive fast-charging accessories that support your digital journey at home and on the move. With a focus on keeping you connected, Cygnett offers a range of high-quality charging solutions designed to meet your needs.


Whether you rely on your devices for work, communication, or entertainment, Cygnett understands the importance of staying powered up. Their adaptive fast-charging accessories are designed to provide efficient charging solutions for various devices, ensuring you can get back up and running in no time.


From wall chargers to cables and portable chargers, Cygnett offers a wide selection of accessories that cater to different charging requirements. Their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology ensures that you have access to the latest advancements in charging technology.


So, whether you're at home or on the move, Cygnett's fast-charging accessories will support your digital journey, keeping you connected and powered up whenever you need it.


An Introduction to Adaptive Fast Charging

So, what is adaptive fast charging?


Recent advances in lithium-ion battery technology strike a balance between fast charging and long-term battery health. Optimum charge for your smartphone or other devices can be reached in a short time frame. Once the battery has received most of its charge, the smartphone’s circuitry restricts the voltage to prevent overheating.


Keeping a phone charged in the 20-80% range is best for the battery, but only sometimes possible. Cygnett has developed a range of accessories that maximise the capability of adaptive fast-charging technology. With products like our multiport fast charging wall charger, we can keep you on the go and in flow across all your devices. It’s one of the reasons why, over the past two decades, we’ve become Australia's number-one digital accessory brand and a trusted name worldwide. 



What is a Fast Charging Wall Charger?

For an electronic device like a smartphone, charging power (watts) is determined by the strength of current (amperage) transmitted by a charger and successfully accepted by the smartphone at a particular pressure (voltage). When a phone is connected to a wall charger, the battery’s voltage spikes instantly while the flow of current remains constant. A fast-charging wall charger leverages this phase to increase power flow. The goal is to get your smartphone back to about 50% within half an hour.


There are multiple technologies that enable adaptive fast charging and a lack of conformity in industry-standard language. When considering your options, choose a fast-charging wall charger from a company known for reliability in digital support solutions. Cygnett’s commitment to designing a range of digital accessories means you can easily choose wall chargers to suit your various devices. 


Does Fast Charging Depend on Cable or Wall Charger?

To maximise fast charging potential, check the fast charging protocol used by your phone or device. For best results, your cable and wall charger must be compatible with the fast charging protocol supported by your smartphone, tablet or laptop. For example, Apple uses the USB-PD standard in their devices.


Fast charging also depends on your smartphone or other device’s maximum charge speed. If you’re using a 30W charger with a smartphone that has a maximum charging speed of 15W, the phone will charge at 15W. Once you’ve checked the options for your phone or device’s fast charging protocol and max charge speed, browse Cygnett’s USB wall chargers and cables to suit most smartphones and devices.


What is the difference between a Fast Charging Wall Charger and a Traditional Wall Charger?

Fast-charging wall chargers work at a higher level of electrical power than standard chargers. To accept this higher rate of power transfer, your smartphone or electronic device needs to be compatible with the fast charging protocol used. The most popular fast charging protocols are USB-PD and Qualcomm QC. Samsung has its own fast charging standard - PPS Superfast Charging.


What are the benefits of adaptive fast chargers?

Provided your smartphone supports this option, an adaptive fast charger can halve the time needed to be operational. Exact speeds can vary by device safety requirements.


Adaptive fast chargers that are powerful enough can deliver power to multiple devices simultaneously, so you only need one charger for your phone, laptop and tablet. It’s essential to get a charger that supplies sufficient power with compatible technology if you want to use it for more than one device at the same time.


Cygnett has a wide range of device specific and multiport chargers to match various specifications. User-friendly design touches, like built-in cable management, combine function and aesthetics together to make daily life hassle-free.



Which Charger is best for fast charging?

The USB wall charger that’s best for fast charging depends on the fast charging protocol supported by your smartphone or digital device. Use the checklist below to help you decide:


1. Check if your device supports fast charging
2. Confirm the fast charging protocol your device has
3. Determine the maximum charge speed of your device
4. Ensure you have the correct cable for fast charging your device


    Cygnett’s superior build quality and technical specifications ensure ease of use and the safety of your device while charging. A two-year warranty backs our reliability for peace of mind.

    Apple Adaptive fast Charger

    Cygnett is MFI (Made For IOS) certified, so Apple users are spoilt for choice with our extensive range of options to suit your lifestyle. Our wall chargers for iPhone come in single or dual-port models so you can charge your iPad and your iPhone. Pair this with a Lightning or USB-C cable for compatible iDevices to enjoy Apple’s adaptive fast charging experience at its best.


    Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger

    For Samsung Galaxy users, Cygnett's USB-C PD wall chargers offer compatibility with Samsung PPS Super-Fast charging. However, it's important to note that not all chargers will support PPS technology.


    To ensure PPS compatibility, specifically for Samsung devices, it's recommended to choose Cygnett's USB-C PD wall chargers that explicitly mention compatibility with Samsung PPS Super-Fast charging. These chargers are designed to deliver the optimal charging speeds and performance for Samsung Galaxy devices that support PPS.


    If you require multi-device charging capabilities, you can opt for a dual port model from Cygnett's USB-C PD wall charger range. Additionally, it's essential to select USB-C cables that are also compatible with your specific smartphone, tablet, or laptop to ensure proper functionality and charging performance.


    Keep in mind that not all USB-C cables or chargers on the market will support PPS technology, so it's crucial to choose products that explicitly mention compatibility with PPS if that is a feature you require for your Samsung Galaxy device.



    Cygnett’s Range of Adaptive Fast Chargers

    Cygnett’s range offers ultimate flexibility with super fast charging wall chargers to suit almost any situation, at home or abroad. Our multiport chargers can cater for up to 4 different devices. If needed, our fast USB wall charger with an international adapter kit will keep you connected when you travel overseas. We’re fully certified and offer compact heat-minimising chargers to suit a range of budgets, from our signature CoolMos to top-of-the-range GaN multiport units.


    Phone manufacturers, such as Apple, are gradually phasing out the supply of wall chargers. Cygnett has turned this to your advantage, providing you the opportunity to streamline your charging accessories. Our supreme reliability, quality design and portability have evolved to keep pace with your lifestyle, so you never skip a beat.



    Cygnett’s warranty extends to purchases made at authorised retailers, to claim please contact your original place of purchase. 

    All Cygnett products include a 2-year warranty, with the exception of the 5-year warranty for Armoured cables.


    Once your order has been placed it will leave our warehouse within 1-2 business days. You will be notified of this via email.


    Cygnett accepts returns within 30 days of purchase on items purchased from

    To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and unopened in the original packaging.

    Cygnett Care

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