5 Hacks to get the most out of your Cygnett products 5 Hacks to get the most out of your Cygnett products

5 Hacks to get the most out of your Cygnett products

31th, March 2020

Now that so many of us have to stay home, the way we get things done is likely to change. We want to maintain our everyday routines, but finding alternative solutions is going to take some adjustment. From keeping up with your exercise classes to creative ways to stay entertained, we have come up with 5 hacks you can do with some of our Cygnett products to help get you through spending more time at home.


1. Keep up with your exercise classes with the GoStick

When you’re trying to stay indoors, keeping up with your exercise routine can be difficult, especially when you’re used to going to a gym or to a class to stay fit. Many fitness businesses are trying to combat this issue by offering classes online or hosting small group sessions so that people can feel connected while they work out. While this is great for keeping people motivated the difficulty it poses is finding a free device to display your workout on. The most convenient device is often your phone but you’re going to need to mount it somewhere - this is where our GoStick selfie stick and tripod can help. The GoStick can be used as a portable phone holder that allows you to adjust the height and angle of your device to get the perfect view while you work out.

2. Drive-in movies with the CarGo

When you’re home all day and night you can quickly start to feel couped up, and it’s likely so do your kids. One solution to give you both a change of scenery and help them stay amused is to turn your car into a drive-in cinema. Our CarGo can easily mount a tablet to the back of a front car seat turning the back seats into an instant entertainment centre.

3. MagMount multi-use disc

When you’re working from home, sometimes you just don’t have the bench/table/desk space to hold everything you need, between your keyboard, mouse, notes and chargers, you barely have enough free space for your coffee. This multi-use disk allows you to mount your phone to any surface available getting it up and away from the chaos and can even be used when you need to make video calls. As the name suggests the multi-use disc can also be utilised to hold a range of items not just your phone, like TV remotes or heating controls, ensuring none of your devices are getting lost.


4. DashView Vice mount your phone where you need it

Our DashView Vice is not only useful to mount your phone in your car, it can also be used to mount it anywhere there is a flat surface. One area in your home you may not have thought to use a mount is in your kitchen. If you have your phone mounted in a convenient location, like on your splash back, it can help you multitask while you cook or mix yourself a drink. You can make calls and read messages without having to carry your phone with you while you’re on the move. Having a phone mounted on your splash back can also be helpful outside of work as you can easily display recipes at an accessible height when you’re are cooking more complex meals.

5. Staying connected to friends and family with the TekView

Staying connected to friends and family can be difficult when you don’t have the luxury of stopping by and seeing them in person. There are now a range of apps that can help you virtually catch up with friends and family effortlessly. Whilst your tablet has the advantage of more screen space than your phone, it is also a lot bulkier and heavier to carry around and creating makeshift stands can be ineffective and hazardous if they slip. Our TekView tablet cases are the ideal solution as they not only offer 360° protection they also easily turn into a stand with 3 customisable views. Achieve the perfect angle using the TekView for your calls, making virtual catch ups with family and friends easy.



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