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Get your tech ready for tax time

By Cygnett,

With tax time fast approaching, you may be eligible to claim more than you think. The Australian Taxation Office outline a broad range of work-related items and income-earning expenses, which you can claim this End of Financial Year.

One of the most popular items to claim on tax is a new work computer, but you may also be eligible to claim some of the digital accessories to support your work laptop. Whether you're working from home or back in the office, everyone can use a little tech to enhance their office experience. To find out what you can and can't claim, follow this link to the Australian Taxation Office Website. To help make the most of this EOFY, we have put together some helpful laptop accessories you may be eligible to claim.


Laptop Power Banks

Whether you're on the road or just like to move around while you work, laptop power banks are perfect for keeping your USB-C laptop's powered and ready to go.


Wall chargers

All your electronic devices, including your laptop, eventually need charging, and there is nothing worse than having to tag-team your devices because you only have one wall charger.



When you are working off a laptop, your connectivity options can be limited, especially in newer, thinner laptops. Hubs offer the perfect solution with a range of options to expand your connectivity.


Wireless chargers

Minimise the clutter around you by utilising your other devices wireless charging capabilities, such as your phone or earphones. Wireless charging is a neat and convenient way to charge your phone at your desk.


Please note it is important to always check with the ATO or your tax advisor on what items can or can't be used as tax deductions.


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