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Charging 101: How to pick the right wall plug for your device

By Cygnett,

So, you’ve just upgraded your phone. You open the box to your shiny new toy, grab out your cable, but this time there’s no wall plug. A quick search online gets your head spinning…how are you meant to know which charge is best for you when there are so many options?
Take a deep breath, we’re here to help.

What is wattage? Why is it important?

Simply put, wattage is how the charging power (output) on a wall charger or power bank is measured. The higher the wattage, the higher the charging power of a wall charger or power bank that can deliver to your phone. It’s important to know the maximum wattage your phone will accept and then combine it with a teammate wall charger, base, or power bank.

Who, where, watt, when?!

We all want to spend less time charging our phone and more time using it. To fast charge your phone, you need to:

Charging 101 Checklist

Break it down now

Where this gets tricky is that different phones accept different maximum charging powers. For example, your iPhone 13 will accept a maximum 20 watts charging power, while your Samsung Galaxy S21 will take on a maximum 25 watts of charging power. Not sure what your phone’s wattage is? Check out our charging guide for an easy breakdown.

Your phone knows what it’s doing so you don’t have to

Worried about your phone taking on more power than it needs? No need! Your phone controls how much charging power it receives and won’t be overcome by electricity flowing from a wall charger or power bank. Let’s look at iPhone 13 as an example.

Charging 101 output

Speedy but safe

Your phone’s fastest charging will occur between 0-50%, then taper off speed from there, decreasing to prevent your device from overheating or overcharging. All phones do this to prolong your battery life and as a key safety feature, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Google, or any other!

We’ve got your back

Whether you’re looking to charge your Apple, Samsung, or Google device, Cygnett has a charger that will help you satisfy your need for charging speed! See our full range of wall chargers here, with a handy option to filter based on your phone model.


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