Hear Tiana's Story

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Who are Clothing the Gaps?

Clothing the Gaps are an Aboriginal Social Enterprise who aim to create positive social change through meaningful conversation. Clothing the Gaps encourage all Australians to proudly wear their values. Each piece of clothing has been designed to start important conversations within the community

Clothing The Gaps Foundation

The Clothing The Gaps Foundation works to close the life expectancy gap that exists between First Nations and Non-First Nations people. They encourage and promote healthy and positive lifestyle habits to increase the length and quality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders lives.

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Ally’s Basketball Journey

Ally Wilson is a professional Australian basketball player.  Ally has played in the WNBL for 11 consecutive seasons and has won 2 WNBL Championships and was awarded WNBL Rookie of the year in her earlier years. She is a 3-time Bronze Medallist from representing her Australia at the Commonwealth Games and the FIBA World Cup. 

Ally’s Story

Ally Wilson is a proud Ngarrindjeri woman from Murray Bridge in South Australia.  Outside of being a professional basketball player. Ally Wilson works full time, creating pathways into the workplace for Aboriginal youth.  She is passionate about representation and is proud to be an Aboriginal role model for younger generations. 

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