SuperCharger UFO 5 Port USB Charger & Hub AU - White

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SuperCharger UFO 5 Port USB Charger & Hub AU - White

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USB charger features

Charge up to 5 devices at once with the SuperCharger UFO portable USB charger. Keep this portable charger on your kitchen bench so the whole family can charge their devices at once or plug it in on your desk to power up your USB powered devices for when you’re on the go. 

A compact and lightweight construction with a matte black finish.

5 Ports for your convenience

This multi-port charging hub is a super convenient way to ensure your devices can be charged up and ready to use at all times.

5 USB ports each offer 1 amp of charge, and thanks to its smart charging chip, when you’re not using all 5 ports, this multiple USB charger will route power away from unused ports, delivering a faster charge to connected devices.

Compact in size and compatible with everything

This portable charger works with all USB powered devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as the GoPro, compact digital cameras, portable speakers, Bluetooth headphones, Powerbanks, GPS devices, Console controllers, and Smart Watches i.e. Fitbit or AppleWatch.

Measuring just 92mm wide and 33mm tall and weighing 0.65 lbs or 295 grams, the UFO charging hub is compact, lightweight and perfect for in office use or travel.