ShockShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 - Grey

Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

ShockShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 - Grey

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The ShockShield Slim Protective Case offers an incredibly wide range of features from a precision engineered design to full phone protection using 100% TPU highly flexible material through to its slimline design as well as anti-dust and anti-slip technically integrated dot design and dual colourway options catering for each individual’s needs. This technically advanced slimline case offers a glossed highly flexible Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell and sides with extra impact resistant side and corner protection providing you with the maximum protection in relation to shock-impact absorption. This case will protect your phone when dropped from a level of height due to its strong shock absorption protection ensuring total peace of mind for your new prized possession.

The ShockShield offers a high quality refined, designed case with the ultimate in balance between protecting your phone though the use of technical materials with a slimline sleek form.

A crystal flexible TPU shell with a strong and bold black TPU frame gives this case a strong contrasting feel but still with a sleek sporty edge. Like the Crystal/White colourway the protective aspect of this option is at its maximum and this is provided through the technical structure and 100% TPU material base. The Crystal/Black option has a more technical feel with its understated timelessness and considered subtle nature but completely functional design features.

The ShockShield Slim Protective Case offers maximum full protection through its 100% highly flexible TPU material and anti-shock protection bumper frame. The single material structure of the ShockShield allows strong impact protection due to its scientifically proven TPU material which absorbs and dissipates impact from fall or accidental drop. As well as impact shock absorption protection the ShockShield also offers an anti-dust and anti-slip technically integrated dot design.

The ShockShield Slim Protective Case is compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy S8.