Immerse VR Virtual Reality Headset for Android

Virtual Reality Headset

Immerse VR Virtual Reality Headset for Android

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Your spectating days are both numbered and about to change. You can now easily immerse yourself into the world of Virtual Reality Entertainment (VRE) by simply placing your smartphone into the Cygnett Immerse VR Headset. A whole world awaits full of new innovative viewing and entertainment fun as you utilize VR technology in a simple to use yet immersive form.

Step into the latest VR technology and view what’s happening all around you - behind you, above you, below you, beside you and of course right in front of you with the clearest of vision. The Cygnett Immerse VR Headset features the highest quality materials in conjunction with top of the line finishes providing you with a device which is sleek, stylish, comfortable and all immersive both visually and audibly.

The Cygnett Immerse VR Headset with Integrated Stereo Audio features high quality components and materials along with sleek and stylish top of the line finishes and construction. Slip the comfortable Immerse VR Headset over your head; adjust the elasticated straps and padded head support disc to fit you perfectly. Position the adjustable integrated stereo headphones comfortably and finally adjust the precision dual lenses accordingly to your eyes and start to lose yourself into this new world of virtual reality. The Integrated Stereo Audio Headphones with built in volume control means that the Cygnett Immerse VR Headset offers you the convenience of audio sound via the 3.5mm jack without having to worry about separate headphones or ear buds.

Due to the cushioned comfort of the breathable material face support system in conjunction with the headsets lightweight appeal wearing the Immerse VR will provide you with an experience like you have never known before. The precision lenses in the Immerse VR Headset are fully adjustable with horizontal adjustments for distance and pupil width focal distancing feature.

The Immerse VR Headset works with Android devices only and features a spring loaded flip down hatch system so that your smartphone can be easily loaded into the headset. This flip down system also allows easy access to charging at either end of the device.

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