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MagFamily Bundles

MagFamily Bundle Range

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Power made to
move with you

Stay powered on-the-go. With a slim and lightweight design, MagMove brings new meaning to portable power.

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Get Home Safe
Every Time

Whether you're catching up with friends, or finishing a long day of work, MagMove powers your phone to get you home.

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Clean workspace
Clear mind

Stay organised with the perfect solution to declutter your desk. MagStation's two wireless charging zones simultaneously powers your phone and earbuds.

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Power Up Your
Workdays From Home

Stay dialed in to your conference calls from your home office with the convenient adjustable viewing angles of the MagStation.

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Built for your
daily commute 

Wherever your daily drive takes you, the MagDrive Window's ultra-sturdy frame will keep your phone in place through any bumps and turns.

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Peace Of Mind
For Weekend Getaways

Experience safer family roadtrips and keep your eyes on the road with the convenient 360-degree phone positioning of the MagDrive Vent Mount

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