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10,000 mAh Power Bank With Integrated Charging Cables - White


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  • Up to 2.6 phone charges*​
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The Pocket 10K Power Bank features discreetly built-in charging cables, including a Lightning and USB-C cable for Apple and Android phones. Compact and lightweight in size, you can take this Power Bank wherever you go and avoid the hassle of carrying an additional charging cable. (*based on iPhone 12 Series)​


Battery Capacity

10,000mAh, (37 Wh)

Lithium Polymer battery technology

Items Included

Integrated Lightning Cable

Integrated USB-C Cable used for both input and output

Input / Output

Input: Integrated USB-C Cable - 5.0V/2.1A(10.5W) 9.0V/2.0A (18.0W) 

Input 2: USB-C Input - 5.0V/2.1A(10.5W) 9.0V/2.0A (18.0W)

Output 1: Integrated Lightning Cable - 5.0V/2.1A(10.5W)

Output 2: Integrated USB-C Cable - 5.0V/3.0A(15.0W) 9.0V/2.22A(20.0W) 12.0V/1.67A (20.0W) 



Dimensions: 141mm (H) x 75.5mm (W) x 15.5mm (D)

Weight: 240 Grams

Carry on Airplane

2 Years Warranty

Designed in Australia

Compatible Devices




10,000 mAh Power Bank With Integrated Charging Cables - White


Integrated Cables


Total Power Output

10,000 mAh Power Bank With Integrated Charging Cables - White 10,000 mAh Power Bank With Integrated Charging Cables - White


What is a Power Bank?

Power Banks are portable batteries designed to charge a range of digital devices like phones, headphones, tablets and smartwatches. Like all of those devices, Power Banks come in a range of storage capacities (how much charge the battery can hold), connection types (such as USB-C and USB-A) and sizes.

How to charge a Power Bank?

As with many digital devices, Power Banks almost universally use USB cables to charge. To charge a Power Bank, you’ll need to connect it via its cable to a power supply or power outlet. The display on the Power Bank will indicate when it has reached its capacity. Likewise, the display will indicate when the Power Bank needs recharging.

Are Power Banks worth it?

Digital devices like smartphones and tablets are an integral part of our modern lifestyle, which means that it can be inconvenient when they run out of charge. Power Banks offer a portable solution, providing you with a way to charge devices regardless of your location. With many Power Banks able to charge devices multiple times over without having to access a power outlet, they are very much worth it.

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