What is a Wireless Magnetic Power Bank, and is it right for me? What is a Wireless Magnetic Power Bank, and is it right for me?

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What is a Wireless Magnetic Power Bank, and is it right for me?

15th, September 2023

Introduction to The MagMove Wireless Power Bank

In today's increasingly interconnected world, our dependence on electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches has skyrocketed. With this heightened dependence comes the unavoidable dilemma of maintaining these devices’ battery lives, especially while on the move. This is where Cygnett's MagMove enters the scene, revolutionising how we think about charging our devices. It is not merely a gadget but a travel companion that ensures your devices stay charged and you stay connected. Let's delve deep into the ins and outs of this game-changing accessory.


What Is a Wireless Power Bank?

Traditionally, power banks require a mess of cables and adapters. A wireless power bank changes this paradigm completely. Imagine a portable charging device that requires no cables, allowing you to charge your gadgets merely by placing them on its surface. That's exactly what a wireless power bank does. Employing Qi wireless charging technology, these devices mark the ushering in of a new era in charging convenience.


How Does the MagMove Wireless Magnetic Bank Function?

The MagMove is an epitome of engineering excellence, utilising state-of-the-art Qi wireless charging technology. This enables you to charge your smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices just by placing them on the power bank.


What makes the MagMove truly special is the integration of ultra-strong magnets in its design. These magnets securely align your device with the power bank, ensuring optimal charging efficiency. The magnets are strong enough to keep your device in place but gentle enough to not damage your gadgets.


How Does MagMove Compare to Traditional Power Banks?


In the age of USB-C, micro-USB, and Lightning ports, the struggle with cables is real. MagMove eliminates this issue by offering a cable-free experience. This is particularly useful for people who often find themselves multitasking and need a simple drop-and-charge solution.



The MagMove, with its magnetic alignment and direct contact, minimises this energy loss, translating to faster and more efficient charging.



Traditional power banks often have one or two types of ports, limiting their compatibility. MagMove, on the other hand, can charge any device that supports Qi wireless charging, providing more flexibility in the range of devices you can charge.


Benefits of Using the MagMove Wireless Magnetic Power Bank

The MagMove Wireless Magnetic Power Bank excels in several key areas that make it an indispensable tool for modern life. Weighing just a few hundred grams and compact enough to slip into most bags or even large pockets, it epitomises portability without adding unnecessary bulk to your travel essentials. 


The device is not just about convenience; it also offers fast charging capabilities, significantly reducing the time needed to replenish the batteries of your gadgets. But it doesn't stop at smartphones—this power bank can also fuel certain tablets, smartwatches, and certain wireless earbuds through its USB-C port, making it a versatile, one-stop solution for all your charging needs.


Tips for Maximising the Battery Life of Your MagMove Wireless Magnetic Power Bank

To maximise the longevity and efficiency of your MagMove Power Bank, several best practices can be adopted. 


Firstly, ensure that the power bank is fully charged when not in active use, as this helps maintain the health of the internal battery. 


Secondly, proper storage is essential; keep the device in a cool, dry environment to minimise the risk of damage from moisture or excessive heat, especially in direct sunlight on warm days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Charge a Power Bank Wirelessly?

No you cannot charge the power bank wirelessly, however, the power bank has a built-in USB-C port to charge it back to full capacity.


Do Wireless Chargers Work With Anything?

Wireless chargers primarily work with devices that support Qi wireless charging, similar to MagSafe products. Always check compatibility before purchase.


How to Connect a Wireless Power Bank to Phone

Place your phone on the charging surface of the power bank, and it should automatically begin charging. For non-Qi enabled devices, a wireless charging adapter may be necessary.



In summary, the MagMove Wireless Magnetic Power Bank is more than just a power bank; it's a comprehensive solution to your charging needs. With its range of features, secure magnetic mounting, and advanced charging technology, it’s an indispensable tool in our increasingly digital world.




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