Magnetic in-car Mounts and the Benefits Over Traditional in-car Mounts Magnetic in-car Mounts and the Benefits Over Traditional in-car Mounts

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Magnetic in-car Mounts and the Benefits Over Traditional in-car Mounts

15th, September 2023

Introduction to the MagDrive in-car Mount

Introducing the MagDrive, a range of magnetic in-car mounts that transcends mere accessory status to redefine your in-car experience. This sophisticated piece of technology offers unparalleled convenience, durability, and compatibility. It is expertly engineered to enhance GPS navigation and facilitate hands-free communication, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety and functionality. With the MagDrive, you are not merely adopting a new tool; you are investing in a state-of-the-art solution that promises to revolutionise your driving experience.


What is the MagDrive Magnetic Car Mount?

The MagDrive is a sophisticated device that combines the efficiency of magnetic mounting and when paired with our MagMove Wireless Power Bank, brings the convenience of truly wireless in-car charging. 


The mount securely attaches to your car's air vents, windscreen, or dashboard (depending on which model you select), holding your phone in place while it wirelessly charges. No more messing around with cables or precarious cradle setups—just place your phone on the mount or onto the MagMove Power Bank and you're good to go.


An In-Depth Exploration of the MagDrive In-Car Range

In an era where technology reigns supreme and we're constantly juggling multiple smart devices, the importance of an efficient and versatile in-car charging solution has soared. Enter the MagDrive Magnetic In-Car mount by Cygnett, which promises to elevate your driving experience to new levels of convenience and functionality.


Universal Compatibility and Hassle-Free Installation

One of the cornerstones of the MagDrive's appeal is its wide-ranging compatibility. Whether your loyalty lies with iPhone or Android, the MagDrive secure magnetic mounting system seamlessly integrates with any device that supports magnetic mounting. Installation is straightforward—simply secure the mount to your preferred location, and you're ready to go.


Safe and Secure Mounting that is Built-to-Last

Safety is no afterthought; when you're navigating the roads, the last thing you want is your device tumbling down. The MagDrive comes equipped with a sturdy magnetic connection to ensure your device stays put, even on the most turbulent journeys. Constructed from premium materials, the range of different mounting options guarantees durability, ensuring years of reliable use.


The Future of Charging—Wireless and Effortless

Bid farewell to the tangled mess of charging cables. When paired with the optional MagMove Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, the MagDrive in-car mount leverages cutting-edge wireless technology from the MagMove Power Bank. Simply place your phone on the Power Bank, which connects perfectly to the MagDrive, and watch it charge up while you're on the go—no cables, no fuss.


User-Centric Design for Optimal Convenience and Accessibility

The MagDrive has been designed to enhance your overall driving experience. The magnetic mechanism allows for swift and simple placement and removal of your device. The adjustable angle feature assures optimal screen visibility, so you can check your GPS or answer calls without compromising road safety.


One Charger, Multiple Devices

Sharing your car with family or juggling multiple devices? No worries—the MagDrive is designed to support any Magnetic mounting phones on the market currently, making it an ideal choice for busy households or gadget enthusiasts.


So there you have it—an all-encompassing guide to the myriad benefits offered by the MagDrive in-car mount range. Whether you’re an individual user or part of a tech-savvy family, this accessory is engineered to simplify and enrich your life on the road.


Comparing with Traditional Car Mounts

In comparison to traditional car mounts, the MagDrive stands in a league of its own, offering a transformative approach to device mounting and charging within your vehicle. Traditional mounts often necessitate the cumbersome manipulation of clamps or cradles, not to mention the unending tangle of charging cables that frequently accompany them. 


The MagDrive eradicates these inconveniences by combining magnetic mounting with wireless charging capabilities once paired with the optional MagMove Power Bank. The result is a streamlined, efficient user experience that not only declutters your vehicle but also expedites the process of securing and powering your device. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a magnetic car mount with wireless charging?

Absolutely, yes. The MagDrive in-car mount range offers an elegant solution that combines the best of both worlds: magnetic mounting and when paired with the optional MagMove Power Bank wireless magnetic phone charging. Unlike some mounts where the use of non-magnetic systems may disrupt the wireless charging due to poorly aligned wireless charging pads, this mount is specifically engineered to permit both functionalities to coexist seamlessly.


Is Magnetic wireless charging better wireless charging?

Typically, one might worry that the magnetic field in a car mount could interfere with the wireless charging mechanism. However, when paired with the MagMove magnetic wireless Power Bank the MagDrive range perfectly aligns the wireless charging pads between your phone and the Power Bank to give you the best possible charging experience. The mount is ingeniously engineered to ensure that its magnetic properties do not clash with the wireless charging process. The magnets are strategically placed so that they perfectly align with the charging coil alignments, thereby allowing for an uninterrupted flow of energy.


Will my phone fall off the magnetic mount?

The MagDrive range of in-car mounts are using ultra-strong magnets to ensure the strongest possible connection especially when paired with a magnetic charging case such as a MagSafe case, or a magnetic charging ring attachment on Samsung phones. By pairing these two meticulously designed products you can rest easy that your phone is in good hands with the most secure magnetic mounting system possible.



At Cygnett, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative technology with uncompromised quality. The MagDrive in-car mount range is no exception and offers a harmonious blend of convenience, safety, and advanced technology, all designed to make your driving experience a pleasure.




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