Switching from Wired Charging to Magnetic Charging Switching from Wired Charging to Magnetic Charging

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Switching from Wired Charging to Magnetic Charging

28th, August 2023

Curious about upgrading to magnetic charging? There are many benefits to ditching the cable and moving to magnetic wireless charging. 

At Cygnett, we’re focused on solving your real-world digital problems quickly. We’ll help you understand everything there is to know about wired vs wireless charging. 

Wireless magnetic charging offers a hassle-free option for your home, office or anywhere in between. 

As Australia’s number-one digital accessory brand for over 20 years, we’re constantly evolving our line of products to suit your everyday needs. 

Find out how you can be part of the future with our great range of magnetic charging options from Cygnett! 

An Overview of Charging 

Traditional chargers use a cable method to transfer electricity from a power source via electric current to your device’s battery. Your device's battery helps harness an electric field in the cable. 

So how does wireless charging work? Wireless chargers use magnetic induction to transfer power to your device wirelessly. Wireless chargers work by creating a magnetic field that your device uses to easily absorb energy. When you place your device over the wireless charging pad, an induction coil within it receives energy via the magnetic field that is created, which works to power your device’s battery. 


Wireless Magnetic Charging 

Magnetic wireless chargers are an exciting new ecosystem for how we’ll continue to charge all our devices going forward. Cygnett wireless chargers feature inbuilt magnets that work seamlessly with MagSafe technology to allow for perfect, uninterrupted charging alignment every time. Simply place your device on the magnetic charging pad and away you go!

At Cygnett we stock wireless chargers compatible with many phone brands (including Apple and Samsung). All our wireless chargers will quickly charge any device that supports Qi wireless charging. 

Traditional Charging Cables

If you’d prefer to take the traditional route, Cygnett offers a range of fast charging cables, which are designed in Melbourne. Unlike many other cables that can wear down over time (especially if frequently transported or bent), our charging cables are highly durable and protected by a metallic alloy finish. The charging cables we offer are compatible with a range of devices and also come with a 5-year warranty (excluding the wireless cable charging pads).

While traditional charging cables are still a very fast and effective choice for charging your devices, they can be less convenient to transport compared to wireless magnetic charging cables.

Wired vs Wireless Charging, what’s the difference? 

Wired and wireless chargers offer similar levels of portability, as both require a power source for charging. However, wireless chargers provide the advantage of cable-free charging direct to your device, eliminating the need to physically connect your device to a charging cable. This can enhance the convenience and ease of use, especially in situations where you want to quickly place your device on a charging pad without dealing with cables. 

While wireless charging does allow for uninterrupted viewing access to your device, it's important to note that most wireless charging devices still require a cable to be plugged into the pad itself for power. Nevertheless, a wireless Cygnett magnetic charging cable offers the flexibility to easily connect your devices to a wireless charging pad and take it with you wherever you go.


What is the benefit of switching? 

A wireless magnetic charge cable offers a convenient and portable solution for individuals looking to streamline and simplify their lives. While it provides the benefit of uninterrupted viewing of your phone while it's charging, it functions similarly to traditional charging cables and does not directly reduce the number of cables you need to carry while travelling. 

However, it does provide the advantage of easy detachment, allowing for quick and hassle-free connection and disconnection. This can contribute to a more organised and clutter-free charging experience, and less chance of damaging charging ports.

Cygnett offers a range of stylish and highly flexible compact wireless chargers to choose from (some of which even provide the option of charging multiple devices at once!). 


Home & Office Ease of Use 

Our wireless chargers provide great versatility in both the home and office. Avoid the sight of messy cables on your desk and in the home with a stylish and compact wireless charger from Cygnett.

Wireless chargers also provide versatile and uninterrupted viewing. So you can keep working and multitasking in the office while your phone is charging!

Fast & Easy Charging 

With the exciting, innovative range of wireless magnetic charging devices available at Cygnett, it’s never been easier to ditch the cable. A magnetic charger from Cygnett will offer you fast and extremely precise charging alignment every time. Simply connect your device to the strong magnetic charging pad and away you go.

One Charger Multiple Devices 

At Cygnett, we offer trusted and discreet designs that will change the way you view charging. All our magnetic wireless chargers will power up any device that supports Qi wireless charging. 

You can also quickly solve all your real-world digital problems in one go with our 3-In-1 wireless charger. This highly convenient accessory charges all your devices neatly and securely in one place! 

Our Top Picks

Wireless Desk Charger 

Avoid the sight of messy cables on your desk with a wireless desk charger. With fast charging and a compact design, a Cygnett wireless charger is the perfect desk or bedside charging companion. These excellent accessories offer strong and precise charging alignment with your phone for perfect, uninterrupted and versatile viewing. 

Our wireless desk chargers are compatible with any wireless-capable phone. You can quickly use them to charge any device that supports Qi wireless charging. Place your phone on the charging pad, and off you go! 

Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 

Our magnetic wireless power bank offers an amazingly slim, and lightweight design that will truly cater to all your phone charging needs. Easily and discreetly snap it to the back of your phone for quick and precise, slip-proof charging while on the go.

This great digital accessory offers a charging speed of up to 7.5 watts. The device itself also accepts an extremely fast recharge thanks to a highly efficient 18-watt USB-C input.

3-in-1 Wireless Charger

A 3-In-1 wireless charger from Cygnett allows you to quickly and efficiently solve all of your real-world digital problems in one go! This exceptionally convenient charging station lets you wirelessly charge your phone, AirPods, and Apple watch simultaneously. It’s an all-in-one charger that’s compatible with any device that supports Qi wireless charging. 

Rest assured all your devices will charge neatly and securely in one convenient location. This amazing charging solution is the perfect addition to your bedside table and a great place to charge your devices overnight. This wireless charger is guaranteed to complement any work or living space. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does wireless charging damage the battery? 

Quite the opposite! Wireless chargers are a great way to extend the life of your phone battery as they can protect your device from overheating. Wireless chargers feature inbuilt sensors that can detect if your device is getting too hot. 

While wired cable chargers are also designed to limit electricity flow to your device, overheating and overcharging can occur. 

What phones have wireless charging? 

Any phone that is compatible with the wireless charging standard (Qi), will work with a Cygnett wireless charger. Qi is a standard of wireless charging used by many major digital brands, including Apple and Samsung. All iPhones from iPhone 8 onwards and Samsung S and Note series (from S8 and Note8) are compatible with our range of wireless chargers. 

You can view our Cygnett Wireless Charging Compatibility Summary for a full list of tested wireless-compatible devices.

How many watts is fast wireless charging?

At Cygnett, we’re focused on providing you with innovative solutions for optimising your everyday life. Our magnetic wireless chargers provide immediate and fast charging for your phone. iPhones (8-13) can experience charging speeds of up to 7.5 watts and other Qi wireless-compatible devices can enjoy speeds of up to 15 watts of fast charging.



Cygnett’s warranty extends to purchases made at authorised retailers, to claim please contact your original place of purchase. 

All Cygnett products include a 2-year warranty, with the exception of the 5-year warranty for Armoured cables.


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