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Go Hands-Free with Apple's 'Hey Siri' & Cygnett


Using a phone or smart watch when you’re driving is extremely dangerous. Taking your eyes off the road for 2 seconds or more doubles your risk of a collision.

Apart from the serious safety hazards associated with using your phone whilst driving, there are also severe penalties if you’re caught.

The great news is that Apple’s “Hey Siri” feature enables you to use voice commands to get help with everything from texting a friend, reading received texts, calling a number in your contacts list, setting reminders, adding events to your calendar, playing a song, finding the nearest petrol station, to navigating your way across town.

To get started with Hey Siri, open the Settings app, and go to ‘General’, then ‘Siri’ and turn on ‘Allow Hey Siri’.

Now all you need is an excellent cradle for your phone and you’re good to go. Luckily that’s where we can help.

Cygnett’s MagMount mobile phone holder ranges uses a magnetic disc to attach your phone to its cradle . The MagMount mobile phone holder attaches to your windscreen or dashboard, whilst the MagMount 360 Vent clips quickly and easily into your car’s air conditioning vent.


Dave - Apr 22, 2016

I love the idea & design of the magmount, however attaching to your cars’ air vents means your eyes must look down further to see your phone whilst driving. Would love an adaptation of the magmount that included a windscreen suction option, so that you weren’t limited in the location of your magmount. If this ever came out, I would make the purchase! Good work all round Cygnett.

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